Q & A with the Ultimate Blogger Babe: Jamie N. Kidd

I know we've all seen this MEGA-BABE more than a few times as we scroll through photos and photos on INSTA of our favorite brands...she goes by Jamie Kidd (  @jamienkidd).  Not only is she the definition of a BOMBSHELL (I mean, can we all have mermaid hair like that PUHLEEZEEEEE), she is also one of the sweetest girl bosses we've had the pleasure of collab-ing with :)  We sat down with Jamie for a quick Q&A about her blogging career, and here's a little of what she had to say! Q:  How would you describe your personal style?  What type of influences do you pull from? (i.e an individual, an era, a brand, etc.) A:  I would describe my...

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